Monday, May 5, 2014

Baby Luke update: 7 months

I wish I had been able to do updates for Luke along the way, but alas, 
having 2 little boys makes it hard to blog! Here's a little bit on our happy little guy: 

Recent Milestones: 
Sitting up on his own like a champ!
4 teeth coming in, none have popped through yet
starting to feed himself cheerios, puffs, and graham crackers
Mobility - rolling over, scooting, pulling things over to him
2 road trips to TX so far, a MO trip coming up
Graduated to the big-boy car seat
Gone to the OKC zoo about 5 times

Mom.  This one's a momma's boy.
Grandma.  She's better at getting him to sleep than Mom!
Toys.  He loves to sit on the floor and play with his toys. 
Owen.  This kid thinks his big brother is hilarious.
Eating. Favorites are peaches, sweet potatoes, prunes, applesauce,
banana mixed berries, rice puffs, and graham crackers
Other people. He likes smiling at new people as long as he is with mom.

The vacuum.
Being away from Mom for too long.
Being in the car for too long.
(He's generally a happy baby, and honestly has fewer dislikes than Owen did!)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Owen is one!

Wow, it is just crazy that we have a ONE YEAR OLD. Not a baby, but a TODDLER. Didn't we just get married? Anyway, here's a little update on our little Owen:

Recent Milestones:

Took his first steps a few days shy of the 11 month mark.
Okay, so his only words are "mama" "da-eee" (daddy), "yeah" and "daw" (dog?)
We'll find out how much at his checkup next week.
Was sick for the first time @ 10 months - he caught hand, foot and mouth disease at church.
Oh man, now I have to put socks, shoes AND  pants on him when we go out. 
Cow's milk, birthday cupcake, and three restaurant kids' meals since he turned 1.

Chicken: chicken nuggets, canned chicken, grilled chicken, any chicken.
Fruit: grapes (quartered), raisins, and recently watermelon and kiwi
Making silly faces in the mirror
Terrorizing the dog
"Dusting" with the swiffer duster
Watching Grandma get ready in the morning - brushing teeth and blow-drying hair are the highlights
When daddy comes home
His new little tikes cozy coupe car (b-day present from Gma & Gpa)
Playing with wrapping paper
Printers and computers

When someone leaves out the front door
Getting dressed
Laying down for a diaper change
Falling asleep
Waking up
 (kind of ironic, but he fights falling asleep and is CRANKY for the first 30 minutes after waking up at least.)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Owen!

It's hard to believe it was a whole year ago that Owen was born. Time sure flies when you haven't slept in a few days and you're never quite sure what day it is :). We love our little Owen boy and it is such a joy to have him in our family. 
Here he is on the blanket his Grandma Lisa (Sarah's mom) made for him. Some of the quilt blocks are made from maternity clothes she wore when she was pregnant with Sarah. (On the left is the day we brought him home from the hospital, and the right is his first birthday.)

His birthday is on August 28 and we took him out to Red Robin for dinner - we had a coupon for a free kids meal. We got him grilled chicken on a stick and mandarin oranges, and he ate more than half of it. That kid loves to eat. He is doing great with his new straw sippy cup here in this picture. And he is becoming a big fan of his Grandma - she definitely spoils him and I think he's figured that out.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Owen 9 month update

Recent Milestones:
Found standing up in his crib
Eating things off of the floor that he shouldn't
Closing the lid to his toy box (storage ottoman)
Drinking from the sippy cup regularly
Standing on his own for a few seconds
Cruising along furniture
Choosing Daddy over Mommy most of the time he is home

Getting into trouble
Crawling fast
Climbing up on everything
Playing the piano
Frozen Yogurt
Little pieces of bread
Cell phones
My parents' dog
Playing with Grandma's wind chimes
Playing in the Grass

Going to bed at night (at least naps are easier now)
Going clothes shopping with his Mommy

Happy Father's Day!

Let's pretend I posted this yesterday. 

Happy Father's Day to my Dad - who has always been supportive of me and who somehow taught me to ride a bike, drive a car, and even do calculus (tears shed during the process for all three). The man who has become an amazing grandfather to my little boy.

Happy Father's Day to Kevin, the father of my child and future children. I am so glad Owen looks like his Daddy, dimples and all. I hope that he grows up to be like his Daddy, too. I hope that he likes Star Wars and Batman; I hope that he is silly, kind, smart, humble and loving.