Saturday, December 29, 2007

Year in Review

I know it's been too long since our last post. I know everyone's been busy, but we really have been busy! Something I saw on CNN prompted me to think about 2007 and whether it was best year ever, worst year ever, or just another year. I'd definitely have to go with not just another year, and here's why:

This year, I, Sarah:

  • Got stranded in Kansas City by myselfwhen weather caused me to miss a flight! (January)
  • Actually had a boyfriend at Valentine's Day (February)
  • Got engaged to the wonderful man in my life! (March)
  • Facilitated PRSSA Elections so that I could have a new President to Replace me (April)
  • Graduated from BYU with a BA in Communications ; was awarded Outstanding Senior in Public Relations Award (April)
  • Left a good job, fiance and good friends behind to move home with my parents and live in Oklahoma (May - August)
  • Went back to retail--and liked it! (May- August)
  • Recieved my endowment in the St. Louis Missouri Temple (September)
  • Married my sweet Kevin, had an amazing honeymoon in Las Vegas (September)
  • Moved back to Provo and moved in with a boy so that my dear Kevin could finish school (September)
  • Started Working at Victoria's Secret again (October)
  • Spent my first Thanksgiving away from my family (November)
  • Got my first promotion ever! (December)
  • Played piano in the ward Christmas program (December)
  • Went to Oklahoma City for the first time, my first Christmas away from St. Louis and my extended family; got stranded in Denver, but this time with my husband.

Since Kevin has come into my life, a lot of things have changed. Many of these things, dare I say most of thiese things wouldn't have happened without Kevin, and especially his love and support. Even though I sacrificed a lot to be with him (Chicago, a career in PR); I know that all that I have recieved because of him is even better. Happy New Year, everyone!