Thursday, May 22, 2008


So I found my camera charger (Jenny, I hope you find yours soon!) But alas I lost my camera USB cord months ago and now I can't find the card reader. So pictures are still forthcoming. Sorry. Even though we're unpacked and don't have any boxes on the floor, I still don't feel like we're settled in. I guess that will come with time. We'll get there.

Last Saturday we went and finally got Costco cards. That place is so cool. I think I have found the one place Kevin likes to "shop". Not just buy stuff he needs, but look around and buy something that is cool. We now have an amazing high-tech fan in our living room. Kevin is mesmerized because, well, it comes with a remote and you just can't beat that. It's a tower fan that oscillates, has several speed and variation settings, and yes, it comes with a remote. It also came with a mini-oscillating fan that has kept our bedroom a little cooler at night.

What we REALLY were hoping to find was a way to buy pizza rolls in bulk, but alas, they were not to be found. We consoled ourselves with the trilogy set of Indiana Jones for $35. I bought it because I thought my Dad would love it for Father's Day, but I've decided to watch them instead :). (Don't worry Dad, I'll find you something even better. Remember I'm the daughter who got you the special edition of Diehard for Christmas?)

In other news, Kevin is campaigning to be the Provo City employee of the month (ask him about it), and one of my best friends is having a baby in the fall. Congrats, Emma and Adam!

My Favorite Things

I probably already e-mailed y'all about this, but I've started a new blog featuring my favorite things -- and hopefully you will find these things adorable and affordable. Check it out and spread the word

Monday, May 5, 2008

Still unpacking

Since I still can't find my digital camera battery charger, I still haven't taken pictures. I should have taken a picture that first day we moved in; there were boxes, bags and bubble wrap everywhere! Things have gotten a little better, and we are slowly finding things in the black hole that is our living room.

Mom would be proud, I put up some curtains in our bedroom. Unfortunately I have neither her talent nor enthusiasm for sewing, so I paid $18 for my curtains and rod at Wal-Mart (gotta hate and love that place at the same time). Hopefully those will keep the sun out of our eyes in the morning a little longer. I'm tired of waking up before my alarm goes off.

Even though I cooked the occasional dinner (ok, seldom) at our old place, our new kitchen and newly-unpacked appliances have inspired me to make dinner four times since we moved (not counting the 2 times I made DiGiorno last week). I made my amazing chicken fajitas in my new nonstick skillet, made my infamous chicken cheesy rice casserole (from the back of the campbell's cream of chicken soup can, and this time the rice was fully cooked, katie!), rachael ray's chili mac (yum-o!) and today I made pork chops on the stove top (I prefer the taste when they bake, but who has time for that?)

we also went to our new ward yesterday. it was interesting. it's kind of like a BYU singles ward, but everybody's married. i think they want us to have family home evening with other couples or something. isn't that why i got married - so i didn't have to go to singles wards family home evening? isn't that why i have my own family now? for now kevin makes me go to sunday school and relief society; isn't he so nice? and i make him read the scriptures to me because i'm too tired to at night!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New place!

We moved in this past weekend. We still have boxes everywhere, but we are making unpacking progress. Pictures of our apartment coming soon - here's the complex we live in.

We live in a small building in a big complex for Provo married folks. Kevin loves to come home for lunch since he only has a five-minute walk home and I love that I shaved 2 minutes off my daily commute!