Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bye, Katie!

We've got Little Miss Katie moved into her place with almost all of her stuff. We really enjoyed having her around for a little bit; I liked having a roommate that helped cook and clean...

Last Friday we made crepes and it was pretty fun.

I have scary devil eyes in this picture but I'm too lazy to fix it.


This We played lots of games, watched lots of Burn Notice on DVD and ate A LOT of food. I got Katie to try and like salmon and some other foods she was skeptical of. Thanks, Katie!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School

Today I was at Target to pick up a few things and I couldn't help but notice the plethora of mother-daughter pairs picking up sheets, towels, alarm clocks and other "first apartment/dorm" items. I saw lots of overloaded carts following young women with a list and pen in hand. It's a different atmosphere from the Target I usually shop at; Moms with babies, women by themselves, the occasional couple registering for gifts. It was also interesting to note that I didn't see a single young male on one of these shopping trips. This might be because most males are fine if they have a computer, a pillow, blanket and toothbrush to their name. It could be for another reason, but who knows.
Today took me back to six years ago at this time: I was 17 and I had just left Pacific, Missouri (population: 4,500) for Brigham Young University (student population: 28,000). I was about to live on my own in a new state and attend a new school where I didn't know anyone. While it was a little scary, it was mostly fun and exciting.

I remember talking to my freshman roommate Kara before we met up at college; we both planned to have blue comforters (good thing we would coordinate!), discussed that we both liked Nelly and that I didn't have a problem with her liking the Yankees. I remember that Wal-Mart trip once we got to Utah where I bought hangers, peanut butter and other necessities. I learned a lot that year; there were a few things I bought on those back-to-school shopping trips that I didn't end up needing. But it's better safe to be sorry, right? At least if you're a girl...

Sarah, Emma and Kara enjoying some Haagen-Daas bought w/Dining Plus

Kara, Biggie (Mark Bigelow, BYU Bball team) and Sarah after a BYU Basketball game

Kara, Sarah and Emily at a BYU Football Game

Rambo-Chan (Kara) and me

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sister Sister

Sarah's sister Katie is back in Provo - yay! She is staying with us until she can move in to her apartment, so we have had a fun time with her. We've played Sorry!, Rummikub, made Crepes, some yum-o Chili Mac and of course Nacho Chicken on Sunday. My lil sis is turning out to be a pretty cool adult and now that we get along (what sisters get along when they are teenagers?) it's very fun to hang out together.

Monday, August 18, 2008

2nd Weekend with the Cooks

The other Cook family blogs have been updated today, so I figure it is our turn as well. We had another fun-filled weekend up in North Ogden. Despite thae fact that I asked if we could go to Jake's Over the Top every 15 minutes, we did not get to go :(.

We had a blast at Emily's 8th Birthday Party on Friday night and her baptism on Saturday morning. Kevin and I were both able to participate; I was asked to be the chorister (surprise!) and Kevin was able to stand in the circle when Emily received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I'm so lucky to have a husband who bears the Melchizedek priesthood and is able to participate in those sacred ordinances.

Jon (and Ashley) beat us in Trivial Pursuit: 80s edition: hey, we were born in 1984! We played many rounds of apples to apples (Ashley's absolute favorite game; the only way to guarantee winning her hand is to play a card that says Princess on it somewhere!) Only one person asked us when we were going to start having kids, and we watched Michael Phelps win another gold medal (that one was a close race, though, and was actually pretty exciting). Our nieces and nephews are lovable, exhausting, entertaining and hilarious.

Kevin and Ethan

Emily and Alexis attacking Kevin

Jared making a mess of the meal as usual

Aunt Ashley holding Hailey

Grandma holding Emily's SECOND birthday cake. Teresa, my birthday is in October and I would also like a barbie birthday cake with delicious cream cheese frosting. Thank you :).

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend with the Cooks

Last weekend Kevin's brother Nate got married. I'm excited that Mary is officially my SIL and happy that we were able to attend this joyous occasion. This event was the first time that I've ever been with the Cooks all at once. Sara's family was in London when Kevin and I got married, so this was a fun reunion of sorts. My camera died halfway through the weekend, so I don't have many pictures.

Kevin and I watched Ayden and Hailey during the wedding and Friday night for the bride and groom. Unfortunately, Hailey (age 1) slept through the entire ceremony, AND we never got a picture of her cute little sleeping face. The food was great (Sarah's Spinach Salad was served, so you can't go wrong there), the dancing was fun, the place looked great and Joanie's cake tasted amazing!

Saturday we tried to sleep in, went to Jake's Over the Top for some great burgers, fries and ice cream with the other Cook siblings, spent some time at Kevin's mother's house. I went shopping with my other SIL Heather while Kevin took a beating from his nieces and nephews at the park. We ended the night by watching Drillbit Taylor with the newlyweds; I was pleasantly surprised to find the movie was pretty funny and wasn't as geared to 13-year-old boys as I thought it was going to be.

Sunday we were able to attend the blessing of our niece, Oriah Taylor Cook. She is so cute and so tiny! She fell right to sleep when I held her; aren't sleeping babies perfect babies? Kevin was able to stand in the circle for the blessing and I was able to eat cheerios during sacrament because I sat next to little kids! I also got to take my first trip to the Barker's fish farm in North Ogden.

All in all, it was a pretty fun if exhausting weekend that reminded us we're just not ready to be parents just yet. You have to keep your eye on those little suckers! We'll head back up this weekend for Emily's baptism, and hopefully this time I will remember to charge my camera!