Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I have a job interview tomorrow (Wednesday) so wish me luck!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

NOW I remember why the dollar theater only costs a dollar...

So we finally went and saw Ironman at the dollar theater (Kevin had already seen the movie, but he wanted to see it again).

Top 10 reasons why the Dollar Theatre will only cost you a dollar yet still manages to stay in business

10. Sticky floors. Stickier than the usual sticky-theater-floor.
9. Velvet-upholstered seats that have been in need of a good steam-cleaning since the 90s.
8. The tickets are printed on receipt paper so there's a good chance you'll accidentally throw them out when you clean out your wallet.
7. The theater can't afford a ticket-taker so you wonder how many people actually paid to see the movie you are watching.
6. The fire alarm goes off intermittently before the movie even starts, but it's so quiet that it stops before anybody really figures out what's happening.
5. You avoid sitting in the seat that is completely ripped and end up sitting in the seat that is missing the top of the armrest. You end up with a bruised left elbow.
4. Stale, oversalted popcorn. At $4 it's still a rip-off but not as badly as the regular-priced theaters.
3. There's only one trailer. And unfortunately that trailer is for Twilight.
2. The top of the screen is dark and you can't really tell what's happening in that part of the screen.

And the number 1 reason why the Dollar Theatre will only cost you a dollar yet still manages to stay in business is...

1. You miss the post-credits ending because they turn the movie off and close the curtains after about 40 seconds of credits.

Still, even I liked the movie. Who knew Jeff Bridges could be so evil and who knew Robert Downey Jr. could be so good at playing... himself.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Anniversary

Today is our first wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe we've been married an entire year! We still feel like newlyweds and are so excited to spend the rest of our lives together. We've had a busy year; we've grown a lot closer together and made some pretty big decisions. I've been pestering Kevin with "Do you remember?" questions about the week we got married and our honeymoon. I'm pretty sure it was all a blur to him so I have to keep reminding him.

I know I gush about Kevin enough all year round, but I really am so grateful for him. He is the best husband and I can't believe I'm lucky enough to be his wife. Is he perfect? Of course not. But somehow, he's perfect for me! So often when we're watching TV or just talking in bed, we'll both make the same joke at the same time. Whether it's buying a car, finding a new apartment or shopping for groceries, we're usually on the same page. When we're not, I win. How cool is that? Seriously, though, he's so chill and so funny and hard-working and wonderful and hilarious.

And don't we look cute together?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great Labor Day weekend!

I had a lovely visit with my friend Annette and her two darling little girls on Saturday afternoon. It was so nice to see her again; it's been a long time! I could tell she is a great Mom just from the couple of hours I was able to see her. She is so fun and so sweet; I miss hearing her quote all of those plays and movies all the time!

The highlight had to be our late-Saturday-night trip to Smith's (riiight). We were the only ones not wearing BYU Blue shirts and I forgot how crowded the Utah grocery stores are on Sat night. Kevin let me buy a bag of Red Vines so it was all good (they lasted until Sunday night so there).

Sunday was fairly relaxing; we had a very interesting lesson about our Church's 12-step Addiction Recovery program (they adapted AA's program with permission). Our church offers group meetings to addicts and family members. I was moved by the personal stories of the missionaries who strive to help others overcome addiction and heartache. I think this is an inspired program and I couldn't help but wish this program had been around when my Grandfather joined the church in the 1970s (he was an alcoholic before he joined). I was reminded that Satan is trying so hard to torture our families and keep us from reaching our eternal goals. During our lesson, I was shocked to find out that 20% of BYU male students are addicted to pornography. If that is not proof that Satan is trying to enter our homes and hearts than I do not know what is. At any rate, I'm glad that I have no need of the program but I'm so glad it's there; who knows when someone I love will need help with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling or anything that keeps them away from the love of their family and Heavenly Father.

Monday was nice; Nate and Mary came down for a visit! Nate, Kevin and Ayden (3) went to Cabela's while Mary, Hailey (1 1/2) and I went to the mall. I found a ladies' sized Cinderella shirt at the Disney Store. Score! We ate dinner at Goodwood and had a great time. It's funny to watch the kids eat and interact with each other and of course we always laugh a lot with Nate and Mary.

Kevin starts school tomorrow early at 9 a.m., poor kid. I'm still looking for a job and have sent in a few applications. I'm still not sure what direction I want to go in, but I'm sure I will find the right job at the right time... now if I just knew what those were!