Sunday, November 23, 2008

Me and my new baby

Our lives are boring, but our friends Emma and Adam just had an adorable baby girl. We finally got to see and hold her and she is SO CUTE. I started to tear up within the first minute I held her. She is just so fresh from Heaven and I can't believe Emma is a Mom. Emma and I have been through a lot together over the years (I caught the bouquet at her wedding) and she is practically my sister. It was wonderful to see the beautiful baby girl she brought into this world. She (Bonnie) slept like a baby (wonder why) and is just so tiny and cute and wonderful. Emma looks great of course and you can't even tell she just had a baby inside of her a few days ago. Check out their blog for more pictures (the link is to the left).

Sarah Ann and Bonnie Rose

Saturday, November 22, 2008


It has been three weeks since I last posted. Wow. Our lives are really really boring apparently.


We're still alive.
Kevin still works at the library and still goes to BYU.
I love my new job; I am less stressed and I make more money now.

And I'm hungry.

The end.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

hilarity and politics

Thanks, PostSecret!

We also find all of the SNL mock Presidential and Vice-Presidential Debates hilarious as well.

my favorite quotes:

"Let me tell you.... about a time... when i was 8 or 9.... when i was abducted by aliens"
- SNL obama

"wait, there's not a talent portion?" - SNL sarah palin

"it's about time. let me repeat that: time " - SNL joe biden
and of course

"joe the plumber lives in a box under my bed"
- SNL mccain played by the ever-hilarious darrel hammond
who also played Clinton and Gore on SNL (lockbox?)

On a more serious note, I hope that those of you who live in battleground states realize how important your vote is. (It's ok, I still like you even if you vote Obama.)

If you live in California, I don't think any of us really understand how important your vote is when it comes to Proposition 8. Marriage isn't just a civil union; in many religions, it's a sacrament. Do we want the government interfering in our religions? Any of them? Do we want the judicial branch overturning votes of the people? (Don't we live in a democracy?) Do we want our children to be taught in school that marriage is between two consenting adults? I don't.

The outrageous thing is that in 2000 61% of Californians voted to preserve a traditional definition of marriage. 4 judges were able to overturn that. How do you overturn a vote? Like I said, don't we live in a democracy?

In case you're wondering, voting No on Prop 8 wouldn't give same-sex couples more "rights" like being able to visit each other in the hospital or whatever. Those rights are protected already.

Obviously, I support Proposition 8; if you want to learn more, visit and

He says it better. Kudos to my friends and family who are working so tirelessly to make a difference in their state. I only recently realized that the outcome of this election in another state could affect MY life, and MY future and MY country so much.