Friday, March 6, 2009

wow, that's a lot of pills to take.

Yesterday was the most interesting day I've had in a long time. Today made yesterday even more interesting. (Confused? Me too.)

I went to the doctor for my annual physical and was tested for strep throat since I had just caught Kevin's cold and had a pretty sore throat. Lucky me also had my (bad) knee x-rayed and of course blood drawn and endured the dreaded stirrups. Really lucky me went home with three prescriptions (yay!) and immediately called my Grandma Ruth Ann (Grandma? Where do you get those 7-day pill counter-holder things... I may need one.) AND to top it all off... I got a call today letting me know that I have an underactive thyroid, and ANOTHER PRESCRIPTION (double-triple yay)! So, I think I REALLY need one of those counter things because how am I going to keep track of all these pills?!

But on a more serious note, it's nice to know that you're not just crazy and that there's something going wrong with your body... and that it can be fixed pretty easily. I realize that this is a pretty public forum and that most people are more private than I am... but if anyone has any experiences with this whole thyroid thing, shoot me an e-mail or call, I'd love to hear from someone who has gone through the same thing!

P.S. I made the most delicious chicken noodle soup today and we are both feeling much better although there's still a lot of coughing here at the Cook home!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

So both of the Cooks are sick this week. Kevin started getting sick on Sunday and he's still sick. Once again, I started getting sick on MY DAY OFF. Blurg. But don't worry, we just have colds. Horrible, horrible colds. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

a letter to my customers

Dear customers/mall patrons:

I have a few requests to make of you.

1. Please do not set your coffee/coke/bottle of something messy on my cart. I sell clothing and i don't trust you not to spill your drink all over it.

2. If you are drinking and holding the coffee, don't stand close and keep breathing on me. I'm desperately trying not to throw up from the smell.

3. Why are you asking me where the bathrooms/food court/motherhood maternity/victoria's secret/aeropostale/gap/store that caters to larger women(?! are you calling me fat?) is? The mall directory is right behind you. And so is customer service; it's THEIR job to help you.

4. Why do you shout questions at me from far away? Couldn't you greet me before your question? Can't you at least thank me? "Hi. Do you happen to know where the bathrooms are? Thank you." Was that so hard? Didn't think so.

5. Please don't yell at me! I don't make the policies and yelling at me just doesn't help!

6. Please don't return clothing if you're a smoker. Or at least febreeze it or something. As soon as I touch the clothing I can smell it. Just because you can't smell it anymore doesn't mean that no one else can. Do you think someone wants to buy tobacco-saturated clothing?

7. If I say "Hello, how are you today?" And you ignore me, that's being rude. In case you couldn't tell, this isn't a cell phone kiosk and I'm not going to try and sell you something you can't afford/don't want/don't need. I'm just here to help.

8. I understand that you want to see what the shirt looks like. Do you have to unfold every single one, though?

9. If you want to see what the shirt looks like, grab the one on top. Set it BACK on top when you are done. There's no reason to pull your size out from every single pile and throw them somewhere else.

10. If you change your mind about a shirt, that's fine. I don't really care. Just hand it back to me. It's annoying and rude if you leave it rumpled up hidden somewhere else. This isn't Wal-Mart, people!

11. Please don't let your kids climb on the cart. They could get hurt or break something. Also, please don't let your kids touch all the shirts. Kids have gross hands and I finally figured out they are the ones creating the stains and smudges I keep finding.

12. Please don't let your kids lay on the shirts. Are you even paying attention to them?

13. Please don't cough all over my shirts. I certainly don't want to touch that shirt you just coughed all over and left for me to re-fold.

Me - the unsuspecting, innocent retail associate/waiter/salesperson that you are being unconsiderate* to.

There, that feels SO much better since I only DREAM of saying these things to people.

*The majority of my customers are very considerate: they watch their kids, they try not to mess things up to much, and are polite. However, I deal with enough inconsiderate people that it starts to get to me.