Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Anniversary Camping Trip

So for our 2nd wedding anniversary we went camping up at Maple Canyon near Mapleton, UT. Since we've had our tent almost as long as we've been married and never used it, we thought it was time. We took Friday and Saturday off from work and drove up Friday afternoon and drove back Saturday morning. It was so nice to just relax, spend time together, eat foil dinners and s'mores, and of course, play with fire.

Our awesomely huge tent.

I love this shot of my armpit. It's the only picture of the both of us from our trip,
though, so that's what y'all get.
Oh man catching marshmallows on fire is so fun. I also got to introduce
Kevin to the magic that is s'mores made with reese's cups.

You've got a few more years before we post videos of cute little babies,
so you get this instead. Muahhahahahaha!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall already?

Can you believe that summer is totally over and that it's officially fall? I can hardly believe that school has started, college football is in full swing, the leaves have started to turn and that we just had our second wedding anniversary. That's right, folks, it's been two whole years and we're still together.

Also, some of you may or may not know my sister, Katie. Some of you may or may not know that she got married this summer. They are also still married :). Here are a few pics:

It's been a busy summer and hopefully things will slow down a bit so we can post more, but they probably won't. Kevin has work, school and is still in the bishopric (goodbye Sunday free time) and I still work full time. We're just trying to fit in enough time to see each other and get laundry done every week right now. But stay tuned to hear about our anniversary trip to go camping in Maple Canyon!