Monday, December 7, 2009

He finally let me start playing Christmas music.

I did have a few decorations up before Thanksgiving, but we waited until December to actually put up the tree and decorate it. Just thought we'd share a piece of our little place with you.
$2 glitter signs from Target. Yess!

Blue tree made by my dear Mom. My roommates and I used it as our
christmas tree while in college.

Blech I need to take photography classes.
But how hard is it to take a pic of a lit christmas tree?
Apparently difficult because most of the ones I took were blurry.

I just love all our blue and silver ornaments.
Once again we went with a stars and snowflakes theme.
Last year my friends noted that it looked like a Hanukkah tree.
To that we say Mozel Tav!

Yes I bought him a Darth Vader Santa bobble head.
And you know he loved it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why I love my husband

Sarah: That baby is so cute. You know I want one sometimes, right?
Kevin: I know.
Sarah: But you know I don't really want to take care of one all the time.
Kevin: You just want to carry one around occasionally as a fashion accessory.

I love how he knows me very well yet still loves me.