Friday, September 30, 2011

One Month Old

Little Owen is one month old, I can hardly believe it! It seriously seems like I just brought him home from the hospital.

(picture taken at 2 weeks old)

Recent Milestones:
Smiling at us when he's awake
Laughing in his sleep/almost asleep state
Putting his hands in his mouth
Making noises that aren't crying
Growing out of his size Newborn diapers (still wearing size N clothes though)

Sleeping (but not in his crib)
Looking at faces
Being held as much as possible
The binky
Being wrapped in a blanket

When the binky falls out of his mouth
Taking the bottle out of his mouth if there is even a drop left in the bottle (how does he know??)
His bouncer after about 10 minutes
Getting his diaper changed or his clothes changed

(these are almost all from his Mom)

Little Owen, Baby Owen, Owen Bowen, Bowen, Mr. Bowen, Baby, Baby Waby, Poopy, Poopy Pants, Little Boy Blue, Honey Badger