Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Owen video series: Why did we even buy him presents?

When he has such a reaction to a scrap of wrapping paper, we are thinking about returning all his presents to the store (just kidding).

Monday, December 5, 2011

3 Months Old

Owen now likes to watch TV, especially with his Daddy. While they wear hoodies.

Recent Milestones: 
First giggles. This kid's armpits are ticklish but he also likes getting his belly tickled
Can almost pull him self to sit up when reclining - he tires a lot but is still working on it
Grasping things within reach - like Mommy's hair or his bib
Really good at getting his fist into his mouth
Sleeping 7-9 hours at night (YAY!)
Babbling and gurgling A LOT and will even do it on his own without prompting

Being naked
Watching TV with us. His current favorites are Malcolm in the Middle (Netflix) and Storage Wars, but you can also occasionally find him arguing back to Fox News
Anything that lights up
Being lifted up into the air
Attention from Mom & Dad
Falling asleep either in someone's arms or the carseat when the car is moving. Only. 

Going to bed at a decent time
Being even the slightest bit hungry

Owen video series: Enjoying his new swing

Owen video series: happy bouncy seat time