Thursday, January 24, 2013

Owen is one!

Wow, it is just crazy that we have a ONE YEAR OLD. Not a baby, but a TODDLER. Didn't we just get married? Anyway, here's a little update on our little Owen:

Recent Milestones:

Took his first steps a few days shy of the 11 month mark.
Okay, so his only words are "mama" "da-eee" (daddy), "yeah" and "daw" (dog?)
We'll find out how much at his checkup next week.
Was sick for the first time @ 10 months - he caught hand, foot and mouth disease at church.
Oh man, now I have to put socks, shoes AND  pants on him when we go out. 
Cow's milk, birthday cupcake, and three restaurant kids' meals since he turned 1.

Chicken: chicken nuggets, canned chicken, grilled chicken, any chicken.
Fruit: grapes (quartered), raisins, and recently watermelon and kiwi
Making silly faces in the mirror
Terrorizing the dog
"Dusting" with the swiffer duster
Watching Grandma get ready in the morning - brushing teeth and blow-drying hair are the highlights
When daddy comes home
His new little tikes cozy coupe car (b-day present from Gma & Gpa)
Playing with wrapping paper
Printers and computers

When someone leaves out the front door
Getting dressed
Laying down for a diaper change
Falling asleep
Waking up
 (kind of ironic, but he fights falling asleep and is CRANKY for the first 30 minutes after waking up at least.)